This is the 10 superstars in the movie world that did not get due to their looks, work in Bollywood || update || news

This is the 10 superstars in the movie world that did not get due to their looks, work in Bollywood

In Bollywood, work often is known to the people as their look and body. And today we are going to tell you about the great actors of Bollywood who did not get the job done in Bollywood because of their looks.

Amitabh Bachchan

The bollywood super hero, which is today the biggest Bollywood star. But at the time of his youth he was strangling. Then, due to their long length, no one was giving them any work.

Irfan Khan

Known for his acting, Irfan Khan, who has won many awards on his acting career. There was a time like this. When they did not work because of their look.

Katrina Kaif

Today Katrina Kaif is a Bollywood superstar, but when she came to Bollywood for the first time Because of their foreign looks, they did not take any films.


You must have gone to the point of hearing these names. But it is also true that when Govinda came to work in his opening film, it was the reason that nobody gave him work. Look at younger than your age. When Govinda was a Jawaani. At that time he looked like a teenager. Because of this, he had to face a lot of difficulty in getting his work done in his initial time.


You may have understood by looking at the bow that it will be so difficult for him to start working in films in the initial times. Because they did not give any film due to their look.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma had to face the same problem due to her plan look.

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgan also had to face a lot of rejection of his films in the beginning. The reason for this was their skin’s dark complexion.

Arjun Kapoor

When Arjun Kapoor first stepped into Bollywood, he did not give any film. The reason for this was Due to their heavy body, Hiroye looked a little too short of them.

Navajuddin Siddiqui

One of the most talented actors in Bollywood who left their mark in Bollywood with their acting. But when he started his Bollywood career After seeing their appearance, they did not do any work. But today, he has made his acting iron in Bollywood whole.

Ranveer singh

At the very beginning of his Bollywood career, Ranveer Singh did not give him any work as a South India agent. But today, on the strength of his acting, he has millions of awards in his lap.

This is the Bollywood’s hero who has seen lots due to his personality. But on the basis of their acting, they have achieved that position today. He can not do any other.

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